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Integrated Solutions with Wind Turbine

Our package, which includes components such as Wind Turbine, Hot Water Producer Heat Pump, and Nanogenair Heating Radiators, forms a concept for green energy. This concept completely meets the electrical needs of the system with renewable energy sources such as wind energy or solar energy. 

Compatible with Solar Energy

With its energy-efficient electricity consumption, our Nanogenair Next-Generation Electric Heating Radiators, compatible with solar energy, are the world’s first in their class with their structure having the lowest electricity consumption, making the best use of surplus solar energy

The Advantages of Electric Heating Radiators

Compatible with Solar Energy

With the limited capacity of solar energy that can be generated in households, in addition to normal needs, it provides heating capability thanks to low energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency

Our Nnaogenair Electric heating radiators have high energy efficiencyIt is the radiator with the lowest energy consumption in its class (250 – 400 - 500 watts/hour).

Low Maintenance Costs

Having a maintenance-free feature, it is also the only electric heating radiator in its class with the longest lifespan, requiring no maintenance.

Convectional Healthy Heat

It has an effective structure that combines Convectional Heat with Infrared Heat, which significantly positively impacts human health.

It is Eco-Friendly

It helps increase energy efficiency and reduces air pollution thanks to its low energy consumption.

It does not dry the air

It provides air comfort, operates silently, and does not dry the air during operation. It is effective against mold and moisture