Our founder, a Hygiene Scientist and Mechanical Engineer, began his journey in the healthcare sector in 1990 with Hospital Contracting. Over time, this evolved into the establishment of specialized companies in the healthcare field under the Companies Group, which continued its activities by meticulously following the evolving technology.

Starting with Turnkey Hospitals, the struggle continued with many firsts in the field of Hygiene Hospital Installation, operation, and performance systems.

In addition to seminars, articles, and books on Public Health, Hygiene Ventilation, and Clean Air Technologies, he has devoted himself to the continuous development of his industry.

In the past 15 years, there has been a rapid change in the healthcare sector, especially in the creation of hygiene areas and clean air technologies, as well as global warming and energy issues, both in developed countries and in our country. This change has led to an acceleration of R&D studies on electric heating radiators due to the need for clean air technologies and energy.

With the long and exhausting work of our team of engineers specializing in Nanotechnology, Nanogenair® Clean Technology CT Pro series Air Purifiers and our next-generation electric heating radiators have been developed.

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