Nanogenair Clean Technology Ct Pro Series

 Nanogenair Clean Technology CT Pro is an air purification technology developed by Nanogenair®. This technology offers an approach that eliminates airborne microorganisms, pollutants, viruses, and bacteria instead of trapping them like a HEPA filter.

CT Pro is a technology integrated into air purification devices, effectively destroying harmful substances in the air to provide users with a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. This technology, used in Nanogenair products, ensures more efficient and effective air purification.

Filterless Unique Design & Nano Hygiene Reactor Technology


Our Nanogenair® air purifiers utilize next-generation air purification technology that provides you with the most suitable clean air conditions in environments where you are exposed to polluted air, instead of trapping air pollutants like a HEPA filter


The Nanogenair products work by combining UV-A light and a steel housing coated with patented nanotechnology. The light in the Nanogenair products reflects in increased energy. This creates free ions that attack larger organic pollutant molecules at a speed of 1000-1700 km/sec.
Through this process, the chemical bonds are broken and transformed into harmless substances. With Nanogenair, not only the air circulating through the room is cleaned, but also all existing components and surfaces in the room. This feature makes Nanogenair’s products unique and more effective than those of the existing competition.

Clean Air Quality

“Thanks to its filterless technology, the design will create an environment reminiscent of forests, waterfalls, and seaside areas due to the high density of negative ions. You will feel this with every breath you take. You will be as peaceful as those living in nature.”